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When it comes to high-quality electric motors that are designed and manufactured with outstanding precision, manufacturing has come a long way. For a long time, specialists have been creating high-precision electric motors, brushless motors and AC motors for the aerospace industry. Successful companies have effectively increased market share by maintaining an edge in innovation with the design and development of a high torque electric motor.

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Who We Service:
Today, our manufacturers offer a comprehensive service centered on providing customers with electric motors that are designed and built with exceptional specificity. We have the capacity to build your AC electric motors from existing drawings, and we can also work directly with your engineers in order to ensure the electric motors that come off the line are built to exacting standards. All synchronous electric motors adhere to all requirements and specifications.

We also have the capability to custom-design every high torque electric motor for those troublesome projects in which standardized products will not suffice. If you are not quite certain of what you want, we have an expansive library of effective designs for electric motors that have been proven to be effective in a variety of applications.

The complexity of today’s competitive market for electric motors demands extensive flexibility, which is why we expend the energy and effort to provide customers with fully integrated services. We understand the importance of being able to meet the needs of all our customers while delivering a high torque electric motor or brushless electric motor that is second to none.

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Our Market
Over the past four decades, manufacturers have used their exceptional service, quality products and innovative vision to expand the market beyond the aerospace industry to provide top-notch custom electric motors to several other industries. There are applications for a synchronous motor in the defense industry, the Marines and the Navy as well as a number of other applications.

Whether it’s brushless motors or AC electric motors, we have the capacity and expertise to provide clients with electric motors that have been designed and built with remarkable precision.  Be sure to identify certified ISO 9001 manufacturers. It is an indication of the company’s commitment to excellence when it comes to making electric motors.

The reputation for quality, precision and reliability ensures quality in all electric motors. Because of the level of specificity necessary to build the highest quality electric motors and brushless electric motors that meet the requirements of clients, we understand the importance of collaboration.

A good company will work closely with clients across all markets, making sure that each high torque electric motor and synchronous motor that they ship is completely satisfactory.

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Why Purchase From Us?
When you consider having your high torque motor or synchronous motor designed and built by ARC Systems, it all begins with our commitment to customer satisfaction. We don’t view those who buy electric motors as a statistic. Instead, we work to develop solid relationships that are built on trust and quality electric motors.

It is this desire to sustain trust between those we collaborate with that drives our proactive philosophy: ARC Systems is highly focused on dealing with issues surrounding the building of our electric motors before they become problems. We understand that what we provide our customers is far more than electric motors or AC motors; we provide them with a vital element needed to achieve the task at hand, whatever that may be.

Every one of the electric motors coming out of a facility is an intricate part of something greater. And lives can depend on the smooth and reliable operation of a synchronous electric motor. This is how we view all the electric motors that leave our facility.

Our capacity to build any number of electric motors gives us a significant edge over our closest competitors. We simply have the experience, expertise and the capacity to effectively provide quality electric motors that meet the specifications and standards of our clients.

We offer a variety of optional features that allow our customers to tailor the design of their electric motors to ensure the synchronous motor they receive meets each and every requirement.

We also use the highest-quality materials and equipment to build all of our electric motors. The fact that the electric motors we design and manufacture will play significant roles in some highly significant situations drives each and every employee to ensure that they are building the most precise electric motors possible.

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More Information
From the first high torque electric motor that was ever created here to the hundreds of electric motors designed and built on a regular basis, one aspect of the AC brushless motors we produce remains constant: excellence. Something that ARC Systems takes great pride in is the fact that we are able to effectively engage any obstacle we may encounter during the process of building your electric motors.

In today’s competitive market, the ability to meet and overcome challenges has to be a fundamental attribute. Not only have we mastered the art of conquering every obstacle we face in the course of building high-quality electric motors, we have perfected it.

We also have what we refer to as the engineering advantage, which is one of our greatest assets when it comes to building the type of electric motors or AC brushless motors that our clients demand of us. Our engineers are trained to work closely with our clients from the moment the original concept for the electric motors is unveiled through the entire manufacturing process.

This allows our engineers to resolve any technical issues that may arise during the process. This way, we are able to ensure that each and every one of the electric motors and brushless motors we present to you will meet your requirements without fail. No matter how well prepared a company is, they cannot predict every scenario that will present itself during the manufacturing process.

Because each synchronous motor must adhere to exacting standards, the manufacturing process for each high torque electric motor is quite extensive; consequently, there are a significant number of things that can go wrong. We cannot predict every possible challenge in a new line of electric motors, but we can be prepared to overcome it with our staff of highly qualified engineers, designers and testing agents.

If your organization needs many high torque motors for a piece of specialized manufacturing equipment or a single high torque electric motor, we can deliver. If you need a few brushless motors or single synchronous electric motor to power a housing complex of AC units, you can trust our engineers to help you design and produce electric motors.