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AC motors have a long history since industrialization took over much of the world. The first AC gear motor was independently discovered and designed by two well-known entrepreneurs, Galileo Ferraris and Nikola Tesla. Following in their footsteps, Mikhail Dolivo-Dobrovolsky designed the first three-phase AC gear motor which had increased capabilities, enhanced durability and greater usefulness for industrial applications.

At ARC Systems, we’ve improved upon the AC synchronous motor designs of these early inventors to create the most advanced, reliable and efficient AC gear motor available in the world.

What We Offer
As a worldwide leader in the design, construction, manufacturing and distribution of AC motors, our team at ARC Systems is proud to offer an AC synchronous motor to meet the needs of your business. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, state-of-the-art equipment, advanced technology and experienced staff, we offer both induction AC motors and synchronous AC motors.

Our product lines include the capacitor start and run AC gear motor as well as the resistance start AC gear motor. We’re able to produce AC motors for many capacities, whether you need an AC synchronous motor to power a computer or an AC synchronous motor to deliver over 100 horsepower.

Our synchronous motors can also be used in your finished products as alternators, such as in the engines of cars. In our facility, we’re fully equipped to create and test prototypes of AC motors, including AC electric motors, AC synchronous motor, and AC gear motor products.

We can also perform small production runs. If you’d like to place a large AC gear motor order with us, our off-shore facilities have the capability to produce as many AC motors as you need.


Our Market
At ARC Systems, the market for our AC motors has a wide range. Some of our top buyers include companies in the aerospace industry, defense applications, the Marines and Navy fleets. An AC synchronous motor has many applications in the medical, energy, railroad, semiconductor and manufacturing industries.

Our extensive library of proven designs allows us to serve many applications for a variety of businesses. We’re able to deliver small motors that power the hard drives of computers as well as produce incredible alternating current motors that can pump water to generate hundreds of megatons of energy by way of  hydroelectric power facilities.

We combine our comprehensive knowledge and experience with our efficient equipment to deliver the best possible products to you at an affordable price. To get more information about our products, capabilities and market, you can call us any time or fill out our website’s contact form.

ARC Systems, Inc. has been providing various industries with high-precision AC induction motors and AC components since 1967. The company offers custom-fabricated AC induction motors suited for different applications such as pumps, machinery, actuation systems, aerospace and industrial, hydraulics, fans and medical.

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Why Purchase from Us?

Over the years, our staff at ARC Systems has built a strong reputation for reliability, high-quality work and dependable service. Our company is ISO 9001:2008 certified. With our engineering and AC induction motor manufacturing experience, we can quickly respond to any design specification you have in mind.

We’ll work with you to determine your requirements, use computer aided design to make a blueprint layout, create a prototype, test the prototype, refine the design and initiate a production run to fulfill your order.

We’re a one-stop shop from start to finish for all AC motors needs. We’re committed to ensuring your full satisfaction with our customer service and our AC electric motors, and we’ll do what it takes to exceed your highest expectations. Our AC induction motor will impress you.

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More Information
If you have questions about our AC induction electric motor, capabilities, specifications or anything else, our staff at ARC Systems is here to help. Here is more information about the AC induction motor and other topics.

How AC Motors Work
In AC motors, the equipment consists of a metal rod, coiled wires and a stator. An AC electric current is passed through the coiled wire to create an electromagnetic field. In AC electric motors, Permanent magnets within the motor create an opposing magnetic field. The two warring magnetic fields produce torque, which causes the metal rod to begin to turn.

Precise materials and regulators are used in our AC electric motors to ensure that the motor turns at the same frequency as the sine wave of the current. Our AC electric motors are designed to rotate at the same speed whether there is no load, a partial load or a full load. The induction electric motors that we engineer carry around a 2 percent slip while our synchronous electric motors have essentially no slip.

Applications for Small AC Motors
Our small AC motors are designed for use in a variety of applications. An AC synchronous motor delivers consistent and constant rotation at a precise speed, making them optimal for use in timers, clocks, robots, metering pumps, speed controllers and computers. These delicate systems require smooth control of the AC electric motors, which we’re able to consistently deliver throughout our product lines. Our small induction AC motors are used in nearly every aspect of everyday life. Household and industrial equipment such as water pumps, dishwashers, blenders, food processors, air conditioners, fans, automobiles and compressors all use induction AC motors.

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AC Motors Basics for New Users
AC motors use electromagnetic induction, which is a principle based upon Faraday’s law. An AC induction motor is the most common type of motor found throughout the world because of their lower cost and capability to handle large loads.

Synchronous AC electric motors offer higher efficiency than induction motors, which is why they are used in sensitive applications such as semiconductors. AC motors are designed with highly durable materials to deliver the required torque for the designated application. An AC synchronous motor is very reliable.

Types Of AC Motors To Consider for Your Business
Our team at ARC Systems designs and builds a wide variety of AC motors including synchronous motors, for your consideration. Whether you need small AC motors to power computers or a large AC gear motor to put into the engine of your electric car prototype, we’ll work with you to design the ideal AC induction motor.

Our AC motors feature high performance that aims to boost the efficiency of your finished product. We’re able to provide you with custom-designed, proven AC motors including:

• Synchronous AC electric motors

• AC induction motor

• Single and three-phase AC electric motors

• Constant and variable speed induction AC motors

• Gear AC motors

• Ventilated AC electric motors

• Open AC motors

• Enclosed AC motors