As Drones Get Smaller, Will Demand Get Bigger?

Of all the recent technological developments, none appears to have advanced as quickly as drones. They’ve diversified in size, shape and purpose, have gotten considerably cheaper, and are now getting closer to solid regulations which will allow for safer flight and effective operation. For the average consumer looking for a small, single-function drone, this latest micro drone will likely fit the bill.

Micro Drone 3.0 from Extreme Flyer is currently the smallest drone that includes a user-controlled gimbal that will let pilots remotely operate the angle of their attached camera. What makes this super compact feature possible? Tiny servo motors.

Tiny drone packs real gimbal and live streaming | Mashable


Image Source: Mashable

“Extreme Flyers Micro Drone 2.0 already made a mark by being one of the tiniest drones — it basically fits in one hand — to carry a camera. Admittedly, the camera was pretty low-rent, only capable of 640p video. Micro Drone 3.0, introduced on Tuesday via a new Indiegogo campaign, upgrades the hardware and capabilities on multiple fronts. It has an early bird price of $125, but may cost $150 or more when it finally goes on sale.”

It’s likely that this micro, live-streaming camera drone won’t be the only option for long. The Micro Drone 3.0 does however point to a trend in tiny, controllable electronics, particularly drones. It’s also likely that micro components like tiny servo motors will only become more in demand.

Have cheaper, more compact drones and demand for smaller electronics had an impact on your industry?