Benefits of a Low Speed High Torque Electric Motor

There are many projects that could benefit from an electric motor. Whether you’re developing common items such as a freight door opener or robotic manufacturing, electric motors keep the world spinning. When you’re developing a moving project or require a quality replacement to conduct repairs, our high torque electric motors can provide the power you need in some of the most extreme conditions.

Military Motor Generators
ARC Systems prides itself on producing quality military-level products that can work in a wide variety of applications. Our low speed high torque electric motors are developed through expert engineering in order to sustain high temperatures while preventing failure. Because our company has been registered ISO 9001, you may rest assured knowing that your electrical motors are developed with superior quality for military applications.

Electric Motors


Aerospace Applications
Various applications call for reduced mechanical wear as delivered by our low RPM high torque brushless motor. Aerospace deployments require efficiency in high power situations, and you don’t want to concern yourself with catastrophic failure. As our manufacturing techniques are high-precision and based on a time-tested platform, each part we ship out remains a quality alternative that is cost-efficient and practical in sustaining a variety of environmental hazards.

Freight Doors
Whether you need power for a small unit or support for bi-parting larger doors, freight motors need to be durable and reliable. Our motors utilize class H systems for insulation to provide you with an alternative that is developed for extreme environmental conditions. Our freight door low RPM high torque electric motor has been engineered to be moisture proof and survive varying degrees of explosions, making it perfect for on-site military uses.

Robotic and Autonomous Controls
Stepping motors are ideal for most robotic motions as these controls are less likely to require high-speed movements and precise stopping and starting of the motor itself. Stepping motors are capable of operating extremely slowly to provide precise measurements of distances and movements. It is this precision of the micro stepper motor that offers superior range of motion for robotic and autonomous operated devices.

Using Gear head Motors
Gear head motors are used in a wide variety of applications from AC induction motors to freight elevator kits. Many of these small low RPM motors operate using a 400 Hz frequency, allowing them to be used by various aircraft. In order to provide you with exactly the kind of gear head motor you require, we specialize in developing custom designs for your needs.

Customized Applications
We welcome specifications for customized motors to meet your particular requirements. ARC Systems, Inc. understands the need for meeting exact requirements for your project; we put the same care and quality into customized motors as we do in mass production. When your project requires a slow speed electric motor to reduce power consumption and enhance personal safety, we can provide you with exactly what you need. Whether your project is remote controlled or directly hardwired, our customized low speed high torque electric motors provide the military-grade quality it deserves. From high altitude aerospace applications to sustaining against mother nature’s wrath on the shore of an angry ocean, ARC Systems, Inc. has your best interests in mind when it comes to reliability and durability.