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While brushless motors were first developed in the late 1800s, the DC brushless motor wasn’t commercially viable until the early 1960s. Since then, brushless motors have redefined capacity and efficiency in a wide variety of applications, from use of a DC brushless motor in heavy industrial equipment to the use of brushless electric motors in sensitive computing systems and delicate hobby supplies.

State-of-the-art technology has allowed companies like ARC Systems to develop a highly durable, reliable and efficient DC brushless motor that is both affordable and effective.


Our DC Brushless Motor
Brushless motors are the most advanced type of motor available today. A DC brushless motor provides end users excellent performance, and a brushless motor design requires just a minimal amount of maintenance. Instead of using brushes for commutation, our brushless motors use electronic commutation with state-of-the-art Hall Sensors to provide the best possible DC brushless motor for the user.

Compared to brush motors, our brushless motors offer increased durability, reliability and more output for the frame size. In our brushless motor design, we typically use silicon steel to create thin sheets which are then slit and filled with conductors. Our brushless motor design has the rotor of our DC brushless motor is affixed with permanent magnets and alternating poles.

Our brushless motors are designed with high efficiency for high-powered needs as well as longevity for dependable service. With continuous torque and high horsepower capabilities, you can’t go wrong with our brushless motors. Our product line includes DC brushless motor products, brushless electric motors and small brushless motor products.

We also offer brushless motor design to meet your specifications. By providing our customers with brushless motor design, engineering, manufacturing, testing, product development and production services, we aim to fulfill all your needs for brushless motors.

Arc Systems designs and manufacturers brushless motors that are the most advanced in the industry thus offering excellent performance with the advantage of reduced maintenance. These type motors are electronically commutated and ARC Systems uses Hall Sensors for commutation.

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Our Market

The market for ARC Systems brushless motors is considerable and crosses many industries. We serve the need for brushless motors in the medical field for surgical tools, the energy industry for oil drilling systems and the railroad industry for train stop mechanisms.

Brushless motor design is also optimal for industrial needs for freight elevator door and gate motors, semiconductor vacuum systems, environmental pollution monitors, textile motors for fabric and yarn spinning machines, linear oscillators for paper manufacturing, BLDC motors for use on amusement park rides and machine tooling equipment. You can get more information about our brushless motor design and small brushless motor by giving us a call any time or by filling out the form on our website contact page.

Brushless Motor

Why Purchase from Us
Our firm was founded in 1967 with the goal of providing the aerospace industry with a dependable source of high-precision motors and motor components. Our fully integrated and self-sufficient facility includes engineering, design, manufacturing, testing and distribution. You don’t have to go anywhere else to ensure that all your needs for brushless motors are met.

We’re fully staffed and outfitted for producing brushless motors that we design based on your requirements. We can work with your in-house engineers to develop the brushless electric motors. When a larger production run is necessary to complete your brushless electric motors, our off-shore facilities have astounding small brushless motor production capabilities. We’re ready to design and deliver high-quality brushless motors at affordable prices.

More Information
When you’re getting ready to go in a new direction or expand your business, you might wonder whether brushless motors make sense for your needs. Our staff at ARC Systems is always available to answer your technical questions about brushless motors and other products. Some of the most frequent questions that businesses ask of us about our brushless motors include the following.

How Do Custom Brushless Motors Work?
Our brushless motors can be constructed in several different configurations based on your planned use and specifications. In our conventional small brushless motor configuration, the permanent magnets are part of the rotor while three windings surround the rotor. We also build brushless motors that reverse this positioning with the stators in the center and the permanent magnets spinning via a suspension rotor that overhangs the stator core.

Our small brushless motor wiring configurations include the delta and the Wye. When the delta configuration is used in a small brushless motor, the brushless motor has a low torque at low speeds and an increased torque at higher speeds. A small brushless motor with the Wye configuration provides a higher torque at low speeds but has a lower maximum speed.

When it comes to efficiency, the Wye winding is more efficient than the delta. No matter which configuration is used, an electric current is applied to an inverter which turns DC into AC and a bi-directional waveform. Sensors, typically driven by a microprocessor, control the frequency of rotation and the output of brushless motors.

Electric motor for RC models

What Makes Brushless Motors Different?
Our brushless motors are outfitted with permanent magnets that rotate around a stationary armature. The system’s electronic controller provides constant phase switching to keep the brushless electric motors turning. Because the brushless motors can be controlled with a microprocessor, they can be used in a very precise manner for time-sensitive applications.

What Are The Uses For Large Brushless Motors?
Our large brushless motors are ideal for use in applications such as hybrid and electric cars; motion control, positioning and actuation systems; fans for commercial air conditioning and refrigeration systems; and industrial robots. Because our brushless motors have a reduced volume of noise compared to another type of small brushless motor, they can be used in factories and other environments where the decibel level of brushless electric motors is a particular concern.

What Are The Uses For Brushless Motors?
The applications for our brushless motors are extensive and cross many industries. We work with businesses who use our brushless motors in equipment such as residential air conditioners, refrigerators, computer hard drives, compact disc and DVD players, computer cooling fans, model aircraft such as helicopters and radio-controlled cars. Our brushless motors offer capacities as high as 50,000 rotations per minute and five horsepower in a piece of equipment that is considerably smaller than a brushed motor.

Choose Us For Custom Brushless Electric Motors
At ARC Systems, Inc., we strive for perfection in everything we do. In our world, the customer is always right, and we’ll do what it takes to ensure your satisfaction with any brushless motor we design, engineer, manufacture and ship. Our brushless motor design ensures our brushless electric motors are high quality.

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  1. Lately there has been a lot of talk in the power tool world about brushless motors. While the technology isn’t new to tools, it has recently gained traction due to some high-profile releases by Makita, Milwaukee, DeWalt, and others. What I find interesting is that brushless motors have been around since the 1960s, being used in industrial and manufacturing applications for [motors that drive] conveyor belts. I don’t think it is a stretch to say that they are a significant part of our lives.

  2. My objective was to build a simple current controlled modulation technique for brushless dc motors. In electric traction and most other applications, a wide range of speed and torque control of the electric motor is required. The dc machine fulfills these requirements, but it requires constant maintenance. In the brushless permanent magnet motors, they do not have brushes and so there will be lesser maintenance. Brushless dc motors are widely used in applications which require wide range of speed and torque control because of its low inertia, fast response, high reliability and less maintenance.

  3. I was wondering if there are any common household devices from which I can get a small DC motor (I have a 9V battery…) to use with a breadboard? It’d take me a long time to buy one so I was hoping to just extract one from somewhere instead. “Brush” motors that use a segmented commutator and brush contacts (often actually pieces of carbon) to keep the DC feed to the rotor in proper “alignment” with the magnetic field as the rotor spins.

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