How Did Japanese Consumers Respond To Emotional Robot, Pepper?

If you follow the development of consumer robotics, you may already be familiar with Pepper. This humanoid robot stands just under four feet, weighs a little over sixty pounds, and is designed to read and respond to humans on a personal and emotional level.  There are currently 1,000 models of Pepper that were made available for sale in Japan this past weekend. With intriguing robotic features and a $1600 price tag, did Pepper manage to enchant the public in a way that counts?

‘Emotional’ robot sells out in a minute | CNN

Image Source: CNN

Image Source: CNN

Pepper the humanoid robot is so hot that he sold out within a minute, according to his Japanese creator, SoftBank Robotics Corp. […] SoftBank envisions Pepper as a first step in spreading robotics worldwide. Softbank is willing to sell Pepper at a loss for the first four years, but expect the robot to bring in profits by the fifth year and become a major force in revenues 20 to 30 years in the future. Company officials stated that they want to keep Pepper affordable, and compared the price of the robot to that of a pet dog in Japan, according to a press event held last week.”

Do you think that Pepper and its runaway sales are a sign that robots like it will start spreading worldwide, as Softbank anticipates? What are your thoughts on a robot like this and its clearly eager consumer base? Tell us what you think about this story in the comments.