What Powers The World’s Fastest Accelerating Vehicle?

It’s powered by four servo motors, it’s made from lightweight carbon fiber, aluminum and titanium, and it’s been designed by a team of students. It may be the fastest accelerating electric vehicle in the world. The E0711-6 electric car was developed by students from the University of Stuttgart in Germany. Calling themselves the Green Team, the builders are now anxiously awaiting the confirmation decision from the Guinness Book of World Records following an acceleration test in which the E0711-6 went from 0 to 100 kilometers an hour in just 1.779 seconds.

The fastest accelerating electric vehicle in the world hits the 100km(62miles)/h mark in under 1.8 seconds | ZME Science

carImage Source: ZME Science

“The University of Stuttgart Green Team took their E0711-6 to an annual quarter-mile drag race—The Jade Race—which takes place at Mariensiel, Ostfriesland.

Once the official races were over, The Green Team took to the track, and after several dry runs—and removing the massive rear wing from the vehicle—they achieved what they came for, and beat the existing world record for the fastest accelerating electric vehicle ever, reaching 100km(62miles)/h in just 1.779 seconds.”

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